Back to School 2020— Six Months In

We have made it six months into the 2020–2021 school year. Let’s recap what has happened throughout the last 5 weeks since the most recent update.

Covid Cases. The school is now up to eleven cases. Yep, five new cases in five weeks. The entire varsity football team recently exited quarantine after a student on an opposing team tested positive.

Dress Code. The school has finally announced an update. On March 22, it was announced that the full dress code will return on Thursday, April 1, nearly six months later than planned.

Physical Distancing. We are still bad. I managed to get a hold of a friend’s camera SD card, which has some photos of the students in a non-distanced blob. To keep the school’s identity anonymous, I will not be posting any photos on this article.

Schedule of Updates. This monthly publication is changing its schedule. This has been released around the second weekend of each month, to coordinate with the beginning of the school year in September. Due to my current procrastination as well as the academic calendar, the publication will move to the end of each month, with the remaining articles published around April 29, May 30, and the final update around June 13.



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Ben Chase

Filmmaker, public speaker, and community leader in the Blackstone Valley region of Massachusetts.